Thursday, October 27, 2011

While I wasn't looking

I haven't purchased yarn in over a year.  I'm not exactly sure of the last purchase, but thinking back the last memorable purchase was the beautiful teal sock yarn purchased for Inchie's baby blanket.  I bought it in May of 2010 well before Inchie was born. I love that yarn.  I love the blanket it is making.  I am tortured by this one stitch which turns three stitches into nine.  That stitch makes the blanket.  I'm so tired of that stitch.

And I can't recall a single yarn purchase since then.


I'm shocked.  I wasn't consciously on a yarn diet.  I don't have a yarn problem.  I have yarn.  I'm a knitter; these things go together.  I do remember dismissing a few purchasing opportunities under the oppression of unfinished baby blanket guilt.  You can't cheerfully work on a light hearted new project when there is a skeleton in your closet holding out a baby blanket you NEVER finished for your second born.  A blanket representing her status as a second class citizen...  There's just too much guilt.

But no new yarn?  None?  For 17 months?  Really?  How did I get here?

And worse...  How to I leave?  What purchase can live up to breaking a 77 week yarn diet?  Does such a purchase exist?


In fact, it will be the purchase to break the never ending baby blanket spell.  To show that blanket who's boss!  Times change.  Adding new yarn to the rotation will break the 3-to-9 star stitch spell.  The day will come when the blanket will come off its needles and be handed over to Inchie.  After 544 days, this NEW yarn will set me free!

And I solemnly swear to never make this mistake again.


  1. So....what's the new yarn going to be? :) Do you need guidance? :)

  2. I'm not sure. I've been LOOKING at yarn again which is a big start for me. I'm debating a visit to The Quarter Stitch while I'm in New Orleans. Trying to find out more info on them right now.

  3. This piece cracks me up because, during my brief spell as a knitter, I developed a yarn addiction. I bought more yarn than I could have used in a year as a full-time knitter. Luckily, my sister-in-law was happy to take in my cast-offs (pun intended) when I realized that I wasn't meant to be a knitter.

    1. I completely understand! Lately I've been looking at my office/craft room and wondering what I really want to pursue as a hobby. The scrapbooking supplies surely need to find a new home and I have a LOT of yarn which simply doesn't inspire me any more. A cleansing is in order!