Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesdays


  1. Hi! Saw your comment over at Motherese about your "date afternoons" with your husband and I was so smitten by it I just had to click over. Turns out we have a few things in common - we both have two girls and a love for books!

    Love meeting new bloggers in this space. And how special that you and your husband get to steal away like that some time. We should do that more in our house...

    Also, what a great picture of your two girls here. Holding hands, pigtails, rompers...what's not to love?

    1. Hi Justine! Thanks for stopping by. It's good to meet you! I love reading about parent date nights. It's fascinating how date nights are redefined, or sometimes even reinvented, once the kids show up. And I'm always on the look out for new ideas. We came up with this one when our second was 6 months old and we realized that we hadn't had a kid free conversation in over 2 months. It was time!